Mistake in language file

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Mistake in language file

Post by liquidspark » 13. April 2008 00:36

Please make the following change:

In "language/en/mods/lang_portal_acp.php":


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'PORTAL_FRIENDS_EXPLAIN'				=> 'Display attachments block',

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'PORTAL_FRIENDS_EXPLAIN'				=> 'Display this block on the portal.',
I've included this change in my general revision of the bundled English release. There are a few more mistakes that were fixed, too. Feel free to use my English version as the default, or change it to suit your needs.

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Re: Mistake in language file

Post by Christian_N » 13. April 2008 14:02

Thank you, we fixed.
@Kevin this is twice, once at // general
// general
'ACP_PORTAL_GENERAL_INFO' => 'Portal administration',
'PORTAL_FRIENDS' => 'Friends block',
'PORTAL_FRIENDS_EXPLAIN' => 'Display this block on portal.',
'PORTAL_MAX_ONLINE_FRIENDS' => 'Limit of displayed online friends',
'PORTAL_MAX_ONLINE_FRIENDS_EXPLAIN' => 'Limit display of online friends in portal block to a certain value.',

'PORTAL_USER_MENU' => 'User menu / Login box',
'PORTAL_USER_MENU_EXPLAIN' => 'Display this block on portal.',
and then at // friends
// friends
'PORTAL_FRIENDS' => 'Display friends block',
'PORTAL_FRIENDS_EXPLAIN' => 'Display attachments block',
'PORTAL_MAX_ONLINE_FRIENDS' => 'Limit of displayed friends',
'PORTAL_MAX_ONLINE_FRIENDS_EXPLAIN' => 'Limits the amound of displayed friends to the given value.',

It is enough but if this one exists, eg // friends.
So we are at // general delete.

Greeting Chris
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