Problem with Recent Module?

Current Version: 2.0.2
Released: 2013-10-27
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Problem with Recent Module?

Post by PavvelB »

Your Portal Version: 2.0.2
Your phpBB Type: Standard phpBB3
MODs installed: Yes
Your knowledge: Beginner

What have you done before the problem was there?
Typica installation phpBB3.0.12 + phpBB Gallery 1.1.6 + Board3 2.0.2 + mChat 1.3.8

What have you already tryed to solve the problem?
Many tests

Description and Message
Sorry for my english, I hope you will understand my problem :)
Few days ago I started my page. Short after beginning the mChat module disappears from the main page.
I have made some tests and found reason. It is connected with News module. If any toppic in this window has an attachment in first post mChat window doesn't work. Attachments in second post or later doesn't make any problems, only the first.
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Re: Problem with Recent Module?

Post by MyLady »

In conjunction with mChat there are occasional problems if multiple versions of Javascript are used. Your style is using Javascript, mChat is using Javascript.
Make sure you don't load the same Javascript twice.
Sometimes the order in which the scripts are loaded in overall_header.html decides work or not work.
If the Javascript of your style is the newest, delete the line with version number from mChat entry.
Make sure the file edits are on the right place.
sorry for my bad english - I'm german and google is my friend :D
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