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porting index link

Post by jason102178 » 12. December 2012 00:13

Your Portal Version: 2.0.1
Your phpBB Type: other phpBB Distribution
MODs installed: No
Your knowledge: Basic Knowledge

MySQL Version: portal link

What have you done before the problem was there?

What have you already tryed to solve the problem?
tried looking for the link to change in overal_header and searched phpbb and this site for an article

Description and Message
I know this has to be something simple but for the life of me can not figure out how to solve it or fix it, i installed portal 3 on my website and by default portal had the phpbb menu disabled so i clicked on enable phpbb menu at the top and when i click on it nothing happens, so i hovered my mouse over it to see were it was going and the link was pointed to example.com/forum

i know their is 2 areas in which is would have to be changed the link for the logo and the link in the nav bar so that it can direct people to go to example.com/forum/index.php

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Re: porting index link

Post by Marc » 12. December 2012 10:37

Please post a link to your forum.

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