[Beta] Latest Items (eqdkp)

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[Beta] Latest Items (eqdkp)

Post by Dr Nick^ » 23. August 2009 13:31

Hey all,

the reason why i did not yet released this mod already,
since i'm using some custom style method to connecto to an other DB containing the info
i'm working on a update to make it use-able for everyone and fully controllable in ACP.

Since i used Itemstats on my default site, i made it possible to switch between active or not.
This includes setting [item] tags and parsing the message automaticly through the itemstats parse.

This is also not released due to the fact of the name ... there is an other block out there
that uses the same name. Only there you needed to put the items in yourself to make it work
this block gets all its info from an EQdkp database. with the looter and amout of dkp (what we use in WoW)

I realy want to see some feedback if this has an future yes or no,
and what ppl thinking about it. Maybe some extra features/options ?

Beta Screens:
Screenshot 1: Output
Screenshot 2: Output + itemstats
Screenshot 3: ACP

Things i want to add:
- Option for using other DB then board3 DB with full modification options
- Setting the cost name (eq DKP)
- Settings for auto link to raid ID in eqdkp system on name click

Things suggested:
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[Rel] Ventrilo Block + ACP sup.(v1.1) => http://board3.de/viewtopic.php?f=21&t=2665

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