extra newlines on latest news

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extra newlines on latest news

Post by merte »


I ran into a little problem with the use of board 3

namely, i am running your portal software on bronies.nl, and we use the news segment.
however i find that it adds a lot of blank space (<BR>) to the text, wich makes it rather stretched out, is there any way to fix this, so the markup is the same as in the original post?

Kind regards, Merte.
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Re: extra newlines on latest news

Post by Kirk »

Open: root/ext/board3/portal/portal/fetch_posts.php

Code: Select all

$message = str_replace(array("\n", "\r"), array('<br />', "\n"), $row['post_text']);
Replace with:

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$message = str_replace(array("\n", "\r"), array("\n"), $row['post_text']);

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