[Regarding]Guildox Guild Progress Block V1.0.0 Servernames

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[Regarding]Guildox Guild Progress Block V1.0.0 Servernames

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Hi, first a big THANKS talonos für his work on all the wow mods. There are not much out there and less of them are as easy to implement as his!

So my problem.

Wenn a server got an " ' " in the name the Mod is not able to find the guild on guildox. With all other servers it works fine.

It seems to me that the " encodeURIComponent " doesn´t replace the apostrophe correctly or sth like that.

Can somebody or maybe even talonos himself take a look at it. That would be highly appreciated.

And I also got a 2nd question.

Right now the mod uses the "banner style" from guild ox, Is it possible to change this to the "picture style" where the most recent kill is also listed?
I tried it my self but it doesn´t seem to work by just switching out the URLs.

Thanks in advance!


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