Getting An Error 'Cannot load XML'

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Released: 2015-10-26
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Getting An Error 'Cannot load XML'

Post by HoodieWeather »


I haven't touched my site within a year kinda lost interest till now. I'm trying to edit the middle of the forum. I still wish there was a way to add a grid with pictures. But nonetheless.

I'm getting Cannot load XML: Premature end of data in tag r line 1

When I click on 'Compact news block style:' and make that to 'NO' I get this error.

Why is that, and why am I getting this?


Any plans on updating the board3? Would be nice to implement a grid of some sort in future. Or have some kind of image overlay so when a user clicks on a pic it will pop up.

Thanks Though
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Re: Getting An Error 'Cannot load XML'

Post by Kirk »

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HoodieWeather wrote: 19. January 2022 06:47 Any plans on updating the board3?
See here:
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