[EN] Can't find the .htaccess file

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[EN] Can't find the .htaccess file

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In some cases it is neccessary to edit the .htaccess file, especially when you want to direct your users to the portal page (portal.php) as the front page of your forum instead of the forum index (index.php).

How to edit .htaccess for this purposes is described in install.xml which is part of the download package.

The most common problem is then, that some forum admins don't find the .htaccess file in the root folder of their phpBB3 installation.

Since .htaccess is a hidden file, some FTP-programs don't display it by default. In this case you should enable your FTP-program to display hidden files.

In some other FTP-programs you will have to set "show dot-files" to display files, which don't have any character left off the dot, which usually separates the prefix from the suffix (just like ".htaccess").

After enabling your FTP-program like described above, you should be able to see and to transfer the altered file to your web server.

FAQ Table Of Contents / Inhaltsverzeichnis
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