[RELEASE] Board3 Portal 2.0.0 - English

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[RELEASE] Board3 Portal 2.0.0 - English

Post by Marc »

MOD-Titel: Board3 Portal
MOD-version: 2.0.0
Image Valid XHTML 1.0 Strict
Adds a portal with several blocks to your forum. You can change the settings, move the blocks, add new blocks and more in the ACP. A converter for Board3 Portal 1.0.6 is included in the package.

Changes to version 2.0.0b1
  • Replaced German language vars with English ones
  • Fixed 2 small errors in calendar language file
  • Fixed incorrect links to convert instruction
  • Added note to author notes that PHP5 is required
  • Fixed incorrect handling of utf8 characters in custom blocks
  • Fixed missing height and width in module images of custom blocks
  • Modified module title to "Attachments" as suggested by wang555
  • Fixed incorrect timezone handling of events
  • Removed number in latest bots title
  • Centered clock in prosilver
  • Added br-tag in forumlist.html to prevent issues in custom styles
  • Fixed small cosmetic errors in prosilver
  • Added correct padding between headerbar and portal body
  • Hide module image settings in center, top & bottom column
  • Added missing permission check for calendar events
  • Fixed incorrect position of event desc in future events (prosilver)
  • Modified style of calendar in subsilver2
  • Fixed: Jumpbox doesn't care if it is enabled in the ACP
  • Added a few rtl fixes
  • Fixed: Unread topics do not get displayed
  • Add possibility to define a different class for callback functions
  • Moved trim_message tool to includes folder
  • Added missing lang entries for removed events
  • Fixed incorrect ordering of users in leaders module
  • Added htmlspecialchars_decode for message before trimming
  • Allow duplicate inclusion of module if it's in a different column type
  • Fixed incorrect arrow directions when using rtl language (ACP)
  • Disabled poll module for the side columns
  • Merged small whois online block into whois online module
  • Fixed missing module_status in board3_basic_install()
  • Add missing update instructions for 2.0.0b1
  • Fix size of input boxes
  • Add missing class references
  • Fixed "unknown column" issue when installing
  • Fixing incorrect size of module box for oneliners
  • Get rid of magic numbers in portal.php
  • Make sure we don't try to copy folders
  • [Fix] Don't let Bots use styleswitcher
  • Added missing language vars and removed useless ones
  • Purge caches via install file
  • Fixed exceeding of max execution time when using trim message tool
  • Moved duplicate javascript to acp_portal.js
  • Hide modules that can't be added
MOD-authors: Marc, nickvergessen, Kevin, Ice, Christian_N, Redbull254
MOD-download: php-version: php 5.+
phpBB-version: phpBB 3.0.10
phpBB-styles: prosilver, subsilver2
phpBB-languages: English, German - More languages here: viewforum.php?f=55
MOD-demo: soon
Portal ACP Demo: soon
Preview install instructions: soon

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